1. DAAMN. I like this shirt.
    And shoes. I hope they keeping making things with prints on theeem..!

  2. Chatting at work about the live-action SnK movie when we decided to look up who’s playing Levi. ANDWHADDYAKNOW,HE’SPERFECT ಠ_ಠ

  3. My stylist wanted to try out this new liquid chalk hair color. She only had green this time, but I’ll definitely try to pick up more in a bunch of colors :> Squeeeee~

    Downside - it leaves the hair feeling stiff and dry after application :< Buuuut you’ll be able to cycle through colors faster?

  4. ディズニーオンアイス見に行きました!(*´∀`)楽しかった!
    #ディズニー #ディズニーオンアイス #japan #disneyonice #Osaka

  5. I always thought Sokka was the Bruce Lee character of ATLA. Just funnier (or just as funny?). Yay Grown-up Sokka!

    He’ll have legs soon, but I still really like it this way ;n;

  6. Got a new #septum piece from #cocobulbodyjewelry
    Now I don’t have to worry about it being crooked all the time (*´∀`)

  8. Found some money and H&M was having a sale so… this went down. I got several pieces of jewelry, the items pictured and a dress for 4000 yen (a little under 40 bucks) though, so not too bad. I only paid for one item at full price (899 yen) and everything else was 700 yen or less >_<

    Can’t wait for the weather to cool down enough for jeans!

  9. Sanji’s Restaurant @ Universal Studios Japan

  10. Old outfits. Just going through photos while listening to a little Sweeney Todd. Cuz that’s what we do on Tuesday nites.

    Shirt says ‘Poor But Good Looking’

  11. More photos from Sanji’s Restaurant and some shops at Universal Studios Japan.

  12. Had the best time at Sanji’s Restaurant the other day. And when I say the best, I mean THE BEST.

  13. Otori that reads ‘Itsukushima Shrine’

  14. Money in the sand.

  15. Money at the base of the Otori in Miyajima.