1. My band did a thing.

  2. OOTD from our date to see Guardians of the Galaxy. Have to admit I’m excited it’s mostly autumn because layering!!

    Jacket  - Romwe (spikes DIY)
    Shorts - JSG (Japan Super Girl)
    Floral Duster - H&M
    Hat - WEGO (flowers/spikes DIY)
    Shoes - H&M
    Bag - Second-hand (Gucci methinks)


  3. Oh god.

    I just made a Tweeter (I can’t reconcile that you tweet on twitter y u so weird english?!) account.. I’m really uncomfortable and feel very awkward WHYISTHISHAPPENING
    ..Well, I’m looking for people to follow (I wish that sounded less weird), so if you like tweetering, lemme know? With the magik box thingy? or the reply thingy?
    womp womp (at)PetiteDevotchka

  4. I rushed over to the Guardians of the Galaxy merch table but they didn’t have much. ( ;∀;)
    I really want Groot things…

  5. Finally made it out to see Guardians of the Galaxy and I find Baymax!!

  6. Heading to Tokyo with my niece and nephew for Disneyland funtimes. (*´ω`*)
    Took a selfie with Mt. Fuji on the way.

  7. I was working on this to go with the Electric Lady, but I might not have time to finish it for a bit. :< I’ll probably adjust some things later toooo…


  8. Salarymen

    I think I dislike them the most of the train riders. They’re either:

    a. drunk and passed out somewhere in or around the trains/stations
    b. blocking the doors even when we’re nowhere near their stop OR they shove people out of the way of the doors to leave first, then walk SLOW AS FUCK
    c. they walk SLOW AS FUCK everywhere because deep down, they hate their meaningless lives.

    I might have added a little to that last one, but who doesn’t like a little3 colorful language.

  9. A recent sketch. ;n; NNnnnggg


  10. Fucking.

    Sallie Mae.

    This is a poem about that extortionist group known as Sallie Mae.

    Fuck ‘em.

    The end.

    Read More


  11. Paint Tool SAI Touch Screen & Win 8.1 Issues

    I’m not sure if this problem was Win. 8 specific, but I found the solution under a Win 8 thread on the Paint Tool SAI English boards, and that’s the OS I use for my version of SAI.

    So, my first issue occurred while creating brushes by using right click. Every time I right clicked in the brush window, the problem would report an error and close. I hadn’t had a issue with Win XP versions using SAI, but this error occured on both my desktop and mobile (Surface Pro) versions for Win 8.1.

    The second issue (as of me writing this) only occurs on the Surface Pro (the first one) with Win 8.1. When trying to draw with the Surface Pro pen, the brush on the canvas would be off-centered from the actual position of the brush on the screen. I searched a few different websites before messing with the settings folder myself and figuring it out.

    Both of these problems can be solved with minor edits to the configuration settings in SAI. Open the folder that contains SAI (right click on the desktop icon, select Properties, then from the Properties menu, click Open File Location. In the SAI folder, double-click the file misc.ini.

    The 3 sections you’ll need to edit to fix these two issues are:
    TabletMouseSimulation = 1
    AvoidOldWacomBug = 1
    TitleBarMode = 2

    Change the values in the file to the aforementioned values, and you should be able to right-click and draw like normal (also, for Surface Pro, if you deactivate the touch screen so that it responds to the pen only, that helps).

    Note: My Surface Pro also has the latest Wacom Pen FEEL driver installed. That can be found here.

    Posting just in case anyone is going through the same issues ;n; It took a long time to fix… *sniff

  12. I can’t wait to wear these bad boys out and probably bust my ass. I have no qualms with that.
    I got these for 50% off at Spinns in Amemura!! And in my size. I’m certain it was divine intervention.

  13. 来たー( ☆∀☆)!やっと手に入れました!ホンマ半年ぐらい切望していまして、でも送料金がヤバくて、がまんしました。そして!!今日たまたまスピンズに入っててこの靴がすぐ目の前。しかも50%オフ!!
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  14. Stopped by a Spanish bar on the way home from work with the s.o.
    I had a lot of cheese (*´ω`*) #InstaMagAndroid #spanishfood #cheese #foodstagram #nomnom #osaka #アメ村 #スペイン料理 #ミナミ大阪 #美味しい

  15. Had some blonde/green #Trowa hair at the end of he day.

    … These are the things that pop into my head when I look in the mirror Ψ( ̄∇ ̄)Ψ
    I need my fellow pilots.