1. Wizarding World of Harry Potter @ USJ

    OHHHHKAY. So if you want to get into Wizarding World of Harry Potter at USJ, you need an entry ticket (separate from the park ticket) which is free if you pick it up the day of when you go to the park.


    If you want to get one in advance, you have to use some outside company’s service (JTB travel agency, special tickets on the JR train) or BUY the express ride pass book, in order to get the supposedly free entry ticket. There is currently no way to get the Wizarding World of Harry Potter entry tickets in adv. online because you need proof of a park entry ticket when you get the HP ticket. (Aww nice, all the businesses win though!)

    Is this how it works in Florida?


    You must also designate the time and the area you want to be in. I dunno if this is related to the rides? Or the areas? Or doing events in certain areas… But tickets like that (they did the same thing for their RE event) are usually all gone right after the park opens. I’ll be going, probably after school vacations finish, so I’ll be interested in (read: frustrated by) how this plays out…

    SO. TL;DR If you wanna check out Harry Potter in USJ, you might want to buy get your tickets in advance or you might not be getting in. (ESPECIALLY in the summer. And during Halloween events. AND during Christmas events. Once we hit Jan/Feb tho, empty!)

  2. Last beach before heading home! 蒲井浜海水浴場 in #京都府 (*´ω`*) (at 久美浜町 蒲井 海水浴場)

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  3. さすがセットA(* ̄∇ ̄*) deliciousness all around. #foodinjapan #food #japanesefood #japan #sashimi #Kyoto #とり松 (at とり松)

  4. 京丹後の平海水浴場! I didn’t know #Kyoto had such lovely beaches!
    #japan #summer #海の日#2014

  5. 着いたよー(* ̄∇ ̄*)京丹後のビーチに!#beach #japan #kansai #kyoto


  6. So.

    I went to this Kansai Collection mixer earlier this week with a friend. We were actually there to meet another acquaintance of hers about modelling at his event (not KC), but.. I guess free drinks? (I think he mentioned that the chair for KC was one of his clients at his day gig).

    ANYWAY. Long story short. I don’t know why the hell I said I would go since we are ANCIENT by Japanese entertainment standards and being the only black chicks, two no less, that most of them had probably ever seen up close ever, it was just.. awkward. But… free drinks, I guess?

    Most of the people there didn’t drink. Because that would have been illegal.

    Also, I saw my first rachet Japanese man. HE WAS SO RACHET. Crocs, exposed beer belly and all.

  7. Christmas in July!

    Pre-ordered these bad boys back in ..March maybe? All of the outer scouts plus Moon and Chibi. They turned out better than expected, but I also feel like handling them too much might cause them.. to fall apart. For now, they’ll stay in the boxes because the dust here in Japan is crazy horrible. Good thing the boxes are cute!!

    …I might break one out for use tho. At class or something. >_>

    The Inner Scouts are going to be sent in December!! So close to my first complete set of anything ever. EVER. Definitely using Mercury’s Stick for my cosplayAWWYISSS.

  8. More gacha toys! This time from the Sailor Moon boom. Levi wishes he had one. So does The Joker~~

  9. Hoping to finish #Sokka tonight. … probably not. #lok #legendofkorra #animation #nickelodeon #gaang #teamavatar #thelastairbender #fanart

  10. #Miyajimabeer from my daytrip to #Miyajima #Hiroshima
    It was… interesting lol
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  11. Pretty boss #sunset on the drive from #Hiroshima #japan
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  12. chersheykisses said: omg thank you so much!! Oh and do we pay the tickets online or..? Also, if I buy the tickets now, can it still be taken when I actually go there?

    Not a prob!
    Everything can be paid for online, but I think you have to make a Club Universal account (free) to complete the purchase. Then you can pick up the tickets from the ticket booth before the show :>
    If you buy them now, they will have them ready for you on the day you’ve selected. Everything has to be done in Japanese though! ;n;

  13. FOOD!! #AMURICA #4TH we’re in #Jp tho… ( ´_ゝ`)

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  14. Happy 4th!! Though I’m the only true patriot with a #samueladams ヽ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ @sukoshi33kyra

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  15. After work #anime ヽ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ #bakumatsurock #幕末ロック i love #sakamoto (*^^*) #アニメ #リラックス